We build AI Powered tools for radiologists.

Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, our tools enable doctors to diagnose and fight cancer in more efficient and accurate ways.
We see 12 900 000 hours being wasted annually by radiologistsin developed countries, reporting on oncology diagnostic computed tomography (CT) scans.
That's 537500 daysworth of time spent manually measuring and tracking lesions.
1427 yearscollectively wasted in a single year, that could be spent on better care.

Meanwhile the gap in care between cancer incidence and number of trained diagnostic radiologists is widening.

We expect to see 25-30% more cancer by the year 2030.
“If nothing improves, the RCR predicts the UK's 33% actual radiologist shortfall will hit 44% by 2025.”Royal College of Radiology, UK.

Our solution

Automated lesion detection, measurements & tracking in cancer diagnostics for radiologists.Supporting full-body CT scans, covering a broad range of cancers.Structured and standardized reporting.We give superpowers to radiologists for interpretation and reporting, striving together for efficiency through the use of new technology.

Our mission: Make cancer diagnosis more efficient to reduce suffering for all.

Meet the team

  • Priit img


    Chief Executive Officer

    Serial entrepreneur, founded two successful tech companies. Involved in building products for Wise, Bolt & Playtech

  • Helena img


    Chief Operating Officer

    Strong operational background in pharmaceuticals and digital health having worked together with the NHS to launch services in the UK.

  • Martin img


    Chief of Medicine

    President of the Estonian Radiology Society. National representative at International Atomic Energy Agency

  • Dmytro img


    Chief Science Officer

    Publishing in Nature Methods & Cell. Leading a medical imaging research group at University of Tartu 

  • Bohdan img


    Chief of AI Engineering

    1st place in Microsoft AI for Good Idea Challenge. His 2nd medical imaging startup.

  • Vitalii img


    Chief Technology Officer

    Leadership & product engineering at Wise & Starship. Anti-Money-Laundering & Self Driving robots

  • Toomas img


    Product Engineer

    Former engineer at Capture One. Founder of a successful fitness startup.

  • Veljo img


    Senior Product Engineer

    Full-stack product engineer with 5+ years of experience building fast and sleek applications in banking and startups

  • Rait img


    Clinical Engineer

    20y of experience in clinical engineering with field knowledge from radiology equipment, workflow infrastructure and medical IT. Built Estonian National PACS and worked for Tartu University Hospital

  • Kadri img


    R&D Specialist

    Experienced project manager of research and technology projects. A former employee of the Estonian medical devices competence authority.